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Cimc Drop Deck Curtainsider Rear B Trailer
Cimc Drop Deck Curtainsider Rear B Trailer
Cimc Drop Deck Curtainsider Rear B Trailer Cimc Drop Deck Curtainsider Rear B Trailer Cimc Drop Deck Curtainsider Rear B Trailer
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Drop Deck Curtainsider Rear B Double Trailer : CIMC’s Drop Deck Curtainside Trailers are available in various pallet configurations to suit your specific application and prime mover. Like many of CIMC’s road trailer units, our Drop Deck Trailer range provides lower tare weights when compared with other manufactures units and this means you achieve higher payloads. Units can be purchased as stand alone units for use with your existing lead trailer, as road train units or can be purchased with one of CIMC’s many lead trailer designs for use as a B-Double combination. 
 Our range of drop deck units come standard with Barn doors, Aluminium gates and Reinforced forklift rated floors. 
 As you would expect, CIMC offers a range of optional OH&S enhancements to the standard Drop Deck design and these range from fitment of CIMC’s new and Patented gateless “Ace Restrainer” Curtain system through to Removable Mezzanine Decks which come complete with load racks back and front.  

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Trailer Specifications Additional Information

Drop Deck Curtainsider Rear B Trailer Trailer Specifications
 Available in Tri-axle configuration unless otherwise specified; 
 K-Hitch/Watson & Chalin air suspension; 
 Fuwa 285 PCD grease filled ten stud axles; 
 10 stud steel wheels; 
 Hankook 11R 22.5 Tyres; 
 Dual tyre carrier; 
 Steel toolbox; 
 Splash guards with mud flaps front and rear; 
 LED lighting; 
 JOST King Pins; 
 JOST A400 landing Legs; 
Drop Deck Curtainsider Rear B Trailer Additional Information
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