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Cimc Skeletal Lead B Double
Cimc Skeletal Lead B Double
Cimc Skeletal Lead B Double Cimc Skeletal Lead B Double Cimc Skeletal Lead B Double
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Skeletal Lead Trailer : CIMC Skeletal lead trailers are available in two or three way configurations and they offer the advantage of using the lead trailer as a stand alone unit, carrying a single 20'' container. Our other models can carry either 2 x 20'' containers or 1 x 40'' container, or you can attach a Tag unit for greater flexibility. 

Additional Info
Trailer Specifications Additional Information

Skeletal Lead B Double Trailer Specifications
Available in Tri-axle configuration unless otherwise specified; 
Side intrusion safety cables; 
K-Hitch/Watson & Chalin air suspension; 
Fuwa 285 PCD grease filled ten stud axles; 
10 stud steel wheels; 
Hankook 11R 22.5 Tyres; 
Single tyre carrier; 
Steel toolbox; 
Plastic guards with mud flaps front and rear; 
LED lighting; 
JOST King Pins; 
JOST A400 landing Legs; 
JOST Fixed turntables; 
Removable deck covers for access to suspension; 
Skeletal Lead B Double Additional Information
* Subject to conditions: Refer to your authorised CIMC Dealer for: 
 Detailed information.  
 Full Warranty details and limitations.  
 Further details regarding the mass of options.  
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