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Volvo FH500 6x4 Prime Mover
Volvo FH500 6x4 Prime Mover
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Models : Volvo FH500 6x4 Prime Mover 
Engine : 12.8 litres, 500hp (368kW) @ 2400kW 
Gearbox : 12 I-Shift trans or 14 spd synchro trans 
GVM : 34000 kg 
GCM : Refer to your local dealer 
Cab options : • Sleeper 
 • Globetrotter XL 
 • Globetrotter XXL  
Engine Transmission Manual Front Axle Rear Axle
Brakes Fuel Tank Chassis Frame Electrical System
Cabin Specification and Appointments

FH500 6x4 Prime Mover Engine
Model : Volvo D13B500 (EGR) 
Max power at 1500-1800 rpm : 368 kW (500 hp) 
Max torque at 1000-1450 rpm : 2400 Nm 
Displacement : 12.8 litres 
Stroke : 158 mm 
No. of cylinders : 
Bore : 131 mm 
Compression ratio : 15.9 : 1 
Economy rev range : 1050-1600 rpm 
Exhaust brake effect at 2300 rpm : 340 kW 
Oil filters : 2 full-flow, 1 bypass 
Oil-change volume, including filter : 33 litres 
Cooling system, total volume : 38 litres 
Volvo Engine Brake : VEB7 
FH500 6x4 Prime Mover Transmission Manual
V2512AT I-Shift : 12-speed, top gear is a direct ratio. 
 Dimensioned for engine torque of 2500 Nm and a gross combination mass of 70 tonnes. (Up to 130 tonnes in special applications). 
VT2514B : 14 spd synchro trans 
VO2514B : 14 spd o’drive synchro trans 
FH500 6x4 Prime Mover Front Axle
Capacity : 6700kg 
Suspension : Volvo parabolic leaf 
FH500 6x4 Prime Mover Rear Axle
RTS2370B : Volvo Tandem axle with single reduction hypoid gearing, 23000kg cap 
RTH2610B : Volvo Tandem axle with hypoid gears and hub reduction, 26000kg cap, Diff locks std 
Suspension : RADD-A8: Volvo 8 bag Air 
 RADD-BR: Parabolic leaf 
FH500 6x4 Prime Mover Brakes
Volvo : Front & rear ventilated disc, ABS, EBS & TCS 
Volvo EBS : (Electronically controlled Brake System) disc brakes are available with the Standard and Medium program packages. 
 Semi-trailers also come with a Trailer package. 
FH500 6x4 Prime Mover Fuel Tank
Fuel Tanks : Aluminium tanks, up to 1380 litre capacity depending on specification. 
AdBlue Tanks : Volumes: 60 or 140 litres. 
FH500 6x4 Prime Mover Chassis Frame
Wheelbase (MM) : From 3000 to 3600 
FH500 6x4 Prime Mover Electrical System
Electrical System : 2 batteries with battery capacity 225 Ah 
 Alternators available with 80A, 110A and 120A capacity.  
 ADR-encapsulated wiring. 
Electrical Distribution Unit : An electrical distribution unit under the instrument panel houses all the fuses and relays. 
 The electrical distribution unit for the body is located at foot level in front of the passenger seat. 
FH500 6x4 Prime Mover Cabin Specification and Appointments
Cabs Options : 
Sleeper cab (L2H1), Globetrotter XL cab (L2H3), Globetrotter XXL (L2EH3) 
Four-point cab suspension : 
Coil springs with shock absorbers and rear air suspension, or all round air suspension. 
Airflow panels : 
Comprehensive airflow packages for roof and sides. Available in high or low configurations. 
Colours : 
Available in approximately 350 variants. 
Driver’s seat : 
The seat’s total fore-aft adjustment scope is 190mm and 100mm vertically. 
The driver’s seat is equipped as standard with a head restraint, reclining and adjustable backrest, height and fore aft 
adjustment, adjustable lumbar support and seat angle adjustment. 
Passenger seat : 
All passenger seats are fitted as standard with a head restraint. 
Steering wheel : 
450mm diameter. Steering wheel height adjustment is 90mm and angle adjustment is 28 degrees. 
Climate system : 
There is a choice of two climate systems to cover a wide variety of needs: 
Air conditioning with manual control. (CU-MCC).  
Air conditioning with automatic temperature control. (CU-ECC). 
Audio systems : 
Sound System Plus: Radio, CD player, controls in the steering wheel and 8 loudspeakers. 
* Subject to conditions : 
Refer to your authorised Volvo Truck Dealer for: 
Detailed information  
Full Warranty details and limitations.  
Further details regarding the mass of options.  
The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability. 

Volvo Commercial Vehicles - Brisbane South
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