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Daf FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid
Daf FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid
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Models : FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid 
Engine : 6.7 Litre, 6 cylinder, turbo intercooled 
 Max. output: Up to 280 hp (210 kW) at 2100 rpm 
 Max. torque: Up to 750 lb/ft (1020 Nm) at 1200 – 1800 rpm 
Gearbox : 9 Speed Manual 
GVM : 18,000 kg 
GCM : 22,500 kg 
Wheelbase : 6.25m 
Engine Clutch Transmission Manual Front Axle
Rear Axle Front Suspension Rear Suspension Brakes
Steering Wheels and Tyres Fuel Tank Chassis Frame
Electrical System Cabin Specification and Appointments

FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid Engine
Type : 6 cylinder, turbo intercooled 
Piston displacement : 6.7 litres 
Fuel injection : Electronically controlled common rail 
Type : GR 165 
 Max. output: 220 hp (165 kW) at 1900 rpm 
 Max. torque: 625 lb/ft (850 Nm) at 1200 – 1700 rpm 
Type : GR 184 
 Max. output: 250 hp (184 kW) from 1900 rpm 
 Max. torque: 700 lb/ft (950 Nm) at 1200 – 1700 rpm 
Type : GR 210 
 Max. output: 280 hp (210 kW) at 2100 rpm 
 Max. torque: 750 lb/ft (1020 Nm) at 1200 – 1800 rpm 
FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid Clutch
Type : Single type, pushed operation, asbestos free, dry plate, hydraulically operated and pneumatically assisted, electronically operated on AS-Tronic. 
Diameter : 395 mm 
FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid Transmission Manual
Model : 9S8309: 9-speed Eaton gearbox 
Type : 9 Speed Manual 
Options : • 6S1000: 6-speed ZF gearbox 
  • 6AS1000: 6-speed, automated manual, ZF AS-Tronic transmission 
  • 9S6309: 9-speed Eaton gearbox 
FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid Front Axle
Type : 152N 
Max. design load : 7500 kg 
 I-section axle. Stub axles with needle bearings 
FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid Rear Axle
Type : SR 1132 
Max. design load : 11500 kg 
 Single reduction driven axle. 
Ratio : 3.73 
 Lockable differential 
FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid Front Suspension
Type : Parabolic type leaf springs with swinging shackles at rear. Maintenance free construction including shock absorbers and stabilizer. 
Spring dimensions : 2x1900x90x30 (7500 kg) 
FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid Rear Suspension
Type : 4 bag air suspension. ECAS. 
Options : Parabolic type leaf springs (11500 kg) with sliding ends at rear. 
FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid Brakes
Type : Dual-circuit air operated disc brakes at front and rear. Asbestos free brake pads. 
Disc Brake dimensions : 432 x 45 mm 
 Emergency/parking brake with spring brake actuators on rear axles; Pneumatic operated exhaust brake (165 kW at 3200 rpm); ABS. 
Options : ASR (Acceleration Slip Control) 
FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid Steering
Type : Hydraulic power steering with adjustable steering column for rake. 
FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid Wheels and Tyres
Type & Size : 22.5” (10 stud 335 PCD) Silver steel disc wheels with 295 / 80 R 22.5 tubeless radial tyres at front and dual 295/80 R22.5 tyres at rear. 
FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid Fuel Tank
Capacity : 430 litre aluminium fuel tank; Fuel tank height – 620 mm 
 1x70 litre AdBlue tank 
FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid Chassis Frame
Type : Completely flat-topped ladder type chassis frame; Riveted and bolted construction of channel-section main frame members and cross members; Horizontal line type exhaust silencer inside the chassis frame; Spare wheel carrier with spare wheel; Dimensions main frame members: 260 x 75 x 6 mm; Spray suppression; Front Under-run Protection System (FUPS); 6.25m wheelbase. 
Options : Wheelbase: 4.15m, 4.45m, 4.75m, 5.30m, 5.85m, 6.25m 
FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid Electrical System
Voltage : 24 V 
Alternator : 80 A 
Batteries : 2 x 175 Ah 
Starter Motor : 24 V 
Rear light units : Incorporating direction indicator light, stop light, reversing light, side marker light and reflector; Reverse warning alarm. 
Battery Isolation : Main switch with manual control located near the battery box. 
FA LF55 E18 4x2 Rigid Cabin Specification and Appointments
F213 tilt Day Cab with 4 point maintenance free suspension, hydraulic tilting gear; Tilting angle 55°; Heated main and wide angle mirrors for body width up to 2.50 m; Electric adjustable main mirrors and wide angle mirrors; Fixed, illuminated cab steps; Steel front bumper with foot hold; Rear window; Raised air intake; Combi lights, incorporating driving and fog lights in lower bumper; External sun visor. 
• Extended Day Cab 
• Sleeper Cab 
• Roof hatch  
• Raised air intake (Sleeper Cab) 
• Adjustable roof spoiler / side extenders 
High quality trim and upholstery in natural camel-grey colour; Cab floor cover includes easy-clean top layer in camel-grey; Cockpit style dashboard, including DIP (Driver Information Panel) and AdBlue indicator; Adjustable luxury air suspended driver seat and fixed co-driver seat with head restraint; Various storage facilities including two cup holders, containers behind seat and overhead compartments; 4 spoke, soft grip steering wheel with integrated control switches; Electric window openers (driver and passenger); Cruise control; Personal road speed limiter; Black dashboard finish; Integrated 3-point seat belt; Air conditioning; Radio/CD/MP3 player with 2 speakers; Antennas: 1 x GSM; Remote control door lock; SRS Air Bag; Hands free telephone kit (Subject to phone compatibility, bluetooth adaptor not included). 
• 3rd seat (Day Cab only) 
• Driver luxury air / passenger dual mate 
• Driver luxury air / passenger luxury dual mate 
• Roof hatch 
DAF uses SCR technology – Selective Catalytic Reduction. This SCR technology offers an effective solution to comply with the strict European Euro 5 emission requirement. SCR technology is simple, reliable and efficient. SCR is an after-treatment system applied to all current PACCAR Euro 5 engines, and is used in conjunction with an advanced high-pressure fuel injection system. 
Front (Option) and side view mirrors 
• Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) 
• Anti-Slip Control (ASR) - Option 
• Tyre Pressure Indication - Option 
• Seat belt reminder 
• Driver airbag (Option) and seat belt pre-tensioners 
• Front Under-run Protection System 
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