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Allison Transmissions haul greater payloads and increase productivity
18 December 2007 - MTU Detroit Diesel Australia




Allison Transmissions haul greater payloads and increase productivity


  • When it comes to commercial heavy duty transmissions, Powertrans trusts Allison Transmission
  • Allison heavy-duty 6-speed automatic transmissions in mining road trains


Allison Transmissions are playing an integral role in the development of specialised heavy haul equipment for the Brisbane-based Powertrans.


In order to solve the problem of maintaining traction when carrying high payloads with off-highway prime movers and trailers Powertrans has developed the PT75 Pit Hauler Haulage System.


A conventional prime mover couples to high capacity 200 tonnes payload bulk ore trailers, which in turn have their own individual power supply linked to an Allison M6610A automatic transmission, the power unit and the transmission are mounted directly to the trailer and provide power through the trailer’s bogie-axle assembly. This adds to the overall performance of the road train combination and removes the dependence of traction solely from the bogie or tri-drive prime mover. 


Operation of the secondary power units are under the control of the driver through the Power trailer controls with monitoring equipment mounted in the lead prime mover.


With the secondary engine and Allison automatic transmission on the Power trailer combining with the engine and transmission of the prime mover, it’s possible to haul up grades of 12 percent.  In some applications it is also possible to add a second Power trailer or an unpowered trailer further enhancing the productivity of the Powertrans configuration resulting in faster cycle times and greater payload per vehicle allowing greater productivity and a reduction of vehicles within fleets to haul the same volume of material.


The Allison M6610A six-speed automatic transmission is suitable for matching to power systems rating up to 634 kW (850hp) and 3118 Nm of torque (2300 lbs ft). The acceptable full load engine governed speed is between 1900-2500 rpm, the design uses a single stage three element torque converter with ratio ranges from 4.00:1 in first through to an overdrive ratio of  0.67:1 in sixth, two reverse ratios of -5.15:1 and -3.46:1.  The transmission is also available with an option of integral hydraulic retarder depending on the application for installations utilising maximum power of 447 kW (600hp) and an input torque of 2034 Nm (1500 lbs ft).  


Allison Transmission pioneered the heavy duty commercial automatic transmission concept with the first units being built in 1947.  Allison launched its first cross-drive product for military applications in 1949 followed in 1953 with the first full power-shifting transmission for off-highway applications. In 1956 Allison introduced the first fully automatic, power-shifting transmission for commercial truck applications.


MTU Detroit Diesel Australia is the national distributor of Allison Transmissions who today is the leading designer and manufacturer of automatic transmissions for light, medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles applications. Allison Transmission products are used in on-highway and off-highway vehicles and delivers over 80 percent of the world’s commercial vehicle automatic transmissions suppl



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