Isuzu 4x4 N Series crew cabs the new kings off the road
3 December 2008
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The addition of two crew cab 4x4 N Series models to Isuzu's rugged 4x4 line-up has proven popular with operators who traverse a range of off-road terrain, such as fire brigades, electricity companies, and the mining industry.

The NPS 250 and NPS 300, rated at 4,500 kg and 6,000 kg GVM respectively, are available in both 4x4 single cab and 4x4 crew cab configurations, allowing the transportation of a team of workers without the requirement for an additional work vehicle.

Packed with features including electric control 4x4 engagement, advanced safety features, car-like comfort, and all-new powerful yet efficient engines, the new NPS 4x4 models are ideally specified for off-road work.

According to Product Planning and Engineering Support Manager, Simon Humphries, the addition of the NPS 4x4 crew models was in response to customer demand and he expects the trucks will excel in challenging applications.

"The availability of the crew cab 4x4 models has met increased market demand for higher payloads that cannot be accommodated with crew cab 1-tonne utilities, and has proven invaluable where there is the requirement to carry heavy equipment and tools in addition to a work crew," he said. 

"The beauty of the NPS 250 Crew model is that it can carry significantly more than a light commercial 4x4 pickup or SUV, yet can still be driven legally on a car driver’s licence.  With  the total body and payload allowance for NPS 250 Crew at around 1,300 kg, even with a full 140 Litre tank of fuel, this compares very favourably to light commercials that have a usable payload of 800 kg or less. 

"And for customers requiring even more payload, the NPS 300 Crew model, driven on a Light Rigid truck licence at up to 6,000 kg, has a body and payload allowance approaching 3,000 kg including the crew."

Powered by the new turbocharged and air-to-air intercooled Isuzu 4-cylinder, 5.2 litre SiTEC SERIES II 155 engine, the NPS models offer power of 114 kW @ 2,600 rpm and strong torque of 419 Nm between 1,600 and 2,600 rpm.

Operating to stringent Euro IV emissions standards, the engine easily meets the latest ADR80/02 exhaust emissions requirements, and produces as little as one sixth the particulate matter (PM) standard of the US EPA 04 standard met by Isuzu's main competitor in this segment.

Advanced safety features include standard driver and passenger SRS airbags with seat belt pretensioners in the front outboard positions, while a durable 850 mm wide steel frame with parallel rails and rivetless top flange offers rigidity and durability expected from an Isuzu truck. 

The all-new cab provides car-like comfort for its crew of up to six plus the driver, with noise reductions of up to five decibels over previous 4x4 models and easy entry and egress via 90 degree-opening doors and long grab handles, while providing best in class (Japanese cab-over segment) crashworthiness performance.

Standard features include electric mirrors, factory fitted air conditioning and a newly designed large-screen multi infotainment system featuring AM/FM radio, MP3/WMA compatible CD Player and optional extras (available at additional cost), including iPOD drawer, Bluetooth phone connection, NAVTEQ embedded Satellite Navigation and up to two reversing cameras.

"The Isuzu N Series NPS models are packed with advanced technology and provide superior comfort, which is particularly beneficial in off-road applications," Mr Humphries said.

"We expect that this model will continue to be a favourite amongst operators wanting a tough, reliable and functional work vehicle."