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Wheels of Time…. Super-Liner II
30 April 2007 - Mack Trucks
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Wheels of Time…. Super-Liner II The Limited Edition 1988

In celebration of Australia’s bicentennial, Mack produced a group of special trucks named after some of our most famous men. Whether or not these mighty trucks will themselves make any contribution to fact or folklore is for history to decide….

The brochure read: “Twenty Limited Edition Super-Liners will carry the names of Great Australians remembered in 200 years of history; those who took the elements and in some cases the system, head on. The names on these etched brass plates have been chosen by the owners and will be permanently installed onto 20 special vehicles for 20 special men.”

In 1988 Mack thought of an elite way to commemorate both Australia’s bicentennial year, and celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Mack Trucks down under. It was decided that a limited edition of unique Super-Liner II vehicles would be produced as a once in a lifetime proposal. These special Mack trucks would carry the names made famous in our history books into the 21st century and display proudly Mack’s contribution to the heritage of Australian trucking.

Customer response to the idea was tremendous with Mack’s Brisbane Headquarters confirming letters of intent for the complete set of 20 Bicentennial Super-Liners. Over the course of securing each of the agreements, the final number of trucks marked for build levelled at 16 and production began thereafter.

Each owner was nominated the task of choosing a namesake for their Super-Liner from a predetermined list. Names like Captain James Cook, the greatest Pacific navigator of all times, and courageous explorers such as Charles Sturt and Kennedy and Leichhardt, were amongst the names included.

The Sixteen Special Mack Super-Liners were built for those Sixteen Special Men who fought the economic odds and won. Won in a way that a Mack truck has brought prosperity to operators down through the years since the Bulldog first appeared on our roads in the very early days of the motor industry. Mack trucks have proven they have the strength and durability to tackle the elements head on and survive to win.

The legendary feats of the B-Model have been relegated to history. The stock gates to Perth have gone. The road is now sealed to the Centre. Mack trucks though still make history and are recorded in trucking lore. A Mack truck was the first vehicle to circumnavigate the continent on sealed roads and a Titan recently set the new world record for pulling the longest road train ever attempted. The Sixteen Bicentennial Super-Liners went beyond the high standard already established by the Bulldog Breed at the time, and started a new era in Australian transport.

The durability of a Mack truck is as legendary as the names these Sixteen Super-Liners represent. Almost 20 years later, these Limited Edition Super-Liners continue to add to the Mack tradition of ruggedness and long life. Today, many of the Bicentennial models have been lovingly restored and are still hard at work, dispersed far and wide across our powerful land.

Truck Specifications


·  E9-500; 375kW (500hp) @ 1900rpm.

·  2173 Nm (1603lbstf) @ 1350rpm.

·  Mack turbocharged and after cooled V8 diesel with four valves per cylinder.


·  Mack triple countershaft manual overdrive 12 speed transmission with ratios to match application.

·  High torque rating of 2305Nm (1700lbsft).


·  Spicer 1810 Heavy Duty Series drivelines.

Front Axle:

·  Mack FAW538C 6,500kg (14,300lbs) capacity.)

Rear Axle:

·  Mack SSB38C 17,252kg (38,000lb) or Mack SS441C 19.976kg (44,000lb) bogies both with single point suspension and 1400mm (55in) spacing.

·  Rear axle ratios range from 3.87 to 5.73.


·  High tensile, pressed, heat treated alloy steel 228mm (9in) double frame.

·  Each 228mm (9in) double rail has a resisting bending moment of 208,000Nm (1,840,000lbsin) Weight per millimetre in 25.2g (1.4lb/in).

·  Body bound bolts on major chassis members.

·  Turntable angles fitted.

·  Frame mounted tow pins.


·  5842 (230ins).

Fuel Capacity:

·  Round polished aluminium tanks with vehicle capacity of 2000 litres – 4 x 500 litre tanks.

The Original Bicentennial Poem

Australian Men and Bulldog Macks

Mack Trucks of Australia
hit on this idea
to commemorate our history
in our bicentenary year
They put out sixteen trucks
To honour famous men
Burke and Wills and Leichhardt
will all explore again

These trucks are coloured green and gold
with a little touch of brown
They will catch the peoples’ eyes
as they pass through city and town
over great Australian mountains
Kingsford Smith will fly again
And once more Ned Kelly
will roam across the plain

You will be joined by Henry Lawson
at an all night stop
and John Flynn will be there
when you reach the mountain top
Ben Hall will not hold you up
or even test your luck
he’ll just quietly pass you by
in a big Mack truck

The great outlaw Captain Starlight
will roam our great highways
bringing back memories
of our bygone days
Now as you travel across this land
and try to see it all
Perhaps you will be followed
by a Mack truck called Ben Hall

Thunderbolt who road and plundered
down along the track
Today will cruise quietly by
in a Bulldog Mack
You will be passed by Stewart and Giles
and follow Phillip and Hovell
as along our roads and highways
you wander and you travel

How the great Matthew Flinders
raced the river and the creek
that are crossed today by Bulldog Mack’s
so powerful and sleek
If Captain Bligh only had the power
in a Super-Liner Mack
there isn’t any doubt
he would of brought the Bounty back

Now if Captain Cook could only see
his great land today
and meet his Bulldog namesake
on the road to Botany Bay
How proud I know he’d be
just riding down the track



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