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Buying Trucks (3 FAQs)

How does a buyer create a free member account?

Following these simple steps:

  • Complete the new user registration form.
  • Enter all the details in the new user registration form and then click Submit.
  • A new page will appear with more details and information for you to follow.
  • Also nn authentication email will be sent to your email address.
  • This email will prompt you to click a verifivation link to activate your memeber account.
  • After activation, you can sucessfully login to your account.

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Do buyers pay? Is there any finder's fee?

No, is free to buyers. Buyers can browse the website as often as they like for free. Send email enquiries to buyers and print off any truck ads of intreset. They can also create free member accounts to assist them in finding their next purchase.

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How does a buyer know when new ads are posted that match their search criteria? offers a service to alert customers of new ads.

Login using your username and password. Click the tab utilities and fill in the search criteria form to target the criteria you are looking for. An email will be sent to you as a matching product becomes available.

Create as many alerts as you like. Each alert can have a unique name and can be edited or deleted as required.

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