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Payment (7 FAQs)

What credit cards may I use?

Visa or MasterCard.

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What happens to my ad when it has expired?

All your user information, passwords and ads will continue to be stored on

You still have login acess to manage your account, however any expired ads) will not be displayed in search results to buyers.

The option to renew your ads is available to you.

Login and view your current active and expired ads.

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What happens when I pay?

Credit card payments enable real time payments.

Cheque / money order or direct debit payment require manual receipting and mailing time.

Ads will only be activated once payment has been received and processed.

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What is a secure server?

A Web server that supports any of the major security protocols, such as SSL, that encrypt and decrypt messages to protect them against third party tampering. Making purchases from a secure Web server ensures that a user's payment or personal information can be translated into a secret code that's difficult to crack. uses an SSL certificate issued by GeoTrust and online payments are handled by St.George Bank.

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Do I need to have cookies enabled to use your site?

Cookies need not be enabled if you are simply browsing the site. However, if you are required to login or are attempting to use any features that are required by a login, then it is necessary that cookies are enabled. Otherwise, login functionality will be completely disabled.

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Do I get a refund if I cancel my listing before the expiration date?

As all payments are final, refund would not be provided.

However please make contact with us should you have any questions

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What browsers are supported by

To get the most out of, we recommend that you use the latest-generation browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (and above), Mozilla 1.7 (and above) and Netscape Navigator 7.0 (and above). If you use a version of these browsers that is earlier than Internet Explorer 5.0, Mozilla 1.7 or Navigator 7.0, we recommend that you upgrade to a later version.

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