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New Or Used Case Ih Farm Machinery

2011 Case Ih Maxxfarm 30

Used Maxxfarm 30 Tractor, ROPS, 4WD, 30hp 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine, Hydrostatic Transmission, PTO, 3pl, Single Rear Remote, Cruise Control, Industrial Tyres (Near New Condition) Only 104hrs on the...

Ad Ref: #167456
0 Case Ih 1680

International 1680 Combine with 1010 frontIn excellent condition with only 2850 sep hours and 3793 engine hours. Located in the Goondiwindi Area. Please contact the...

Ad Ref: #162775
2017 Case Ih Farmall 75C

2017 Case IH Farmall 75C ROPS FWA, FPT 3.2L 4 Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel Engine, 75hp, 12x12 Transmission, 540/540E PTO, 2x Rear Remotes, 3pt Linkage, 3 years / 3000hrs REDCover Warranty. rr

Ad Ref: #162228
2017 Case Ih Farmall 95C

2017 Case IH Farmall 95C Cab FWA, FPT 3.4L 4 Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel Engine, 95hp, 24x24 Power shuttle Transmission, Two Rear Hydraulic Remotes, Mid Mount Remotes, 3 Point Linkage, Air...

Ad Ref: #162227
2013 Case Ih JX70 Straddle

Demo Case IH JX 70 Straddle, Great Condition, Ready to Work. Excellent for Slashing and Mowing with Turf Tyres Fitted So There is Minimal Impact On Lawns. *Slashers Also Avaiable to...

Ad Ref: #147386
2016 Case Ih Maxxum 120CVT

New Case IH Maxxum 120 CVT 4WD, 4.5l 4 Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel Engine,Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), 125l/min Hydraulic Flow, 540 / 540E / 1000 RPM Power Take Off, Delux...

Ad Ref: #147384
2016 Case Ih Farmall 115C CAB 4WD

New Case IH Farmall 115C Cab 4WD, 115hp 4 Cylinder 3.4Lt Diesel Turbocharged IntercooledDiesel Engine 457Nm Torque, 24 Froward and 24 Reverse Gears with Clutchless Forward Reverse...

Ad Ref: #147383
2015 Case Ih Farmall 25B

New Farmall 25B ROPS 4WD Tractor, 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine 23HP, PTO, 3 Point Linkage, 1 Rear Hydraulic Remote. Available Optional Equipment: Mid Mount Mower Deck, Front End...

Ad Ref: #147382
2015 Case Ih JX80 Straddle

2015 CASE IH JX80 STARDDLECase IH JX80 Straddle Tractor Rops Tractor Tyres 16.9-30 Rear & 11.2-24 Front New Case IH JX Straddle, 76hp 4 Cylinder Natural Aspirated...

Ad Ref: #147380
2016 Case Ih Farmall 40B

New Farmall 40B ROPS 4WD Tractor, 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine 41HP, PTO, 3 Point Linkage, 1 Rear Hydraulic Remote Plus Joystick and 4 Front Remotes (Loader Ready). Available Optional...

Ad Ref: #147379
2014 Case Ih Quantum 85C 4WD ROPS

New Case IH Quantum 85C 4WD ROPS, 86hp 4 Cylinder Turbocharged Diesel Engine, 16 Forward and 16 Reverse Gears, Rear Hydraulics with 48l/min Flow, 3 Point Linkagewith a 2,900kg Lift...

Ad Ref: #147378