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Adding Photos (10 FAQs)

1. What size photos should I use?

The typical suggested file size is; 640 x 480 pixels with a typical file size of 75 kilobytes

High resolution images are not required and are in fact actively discouraged. They take more time to upload and will eventually be scaled down, anyway, for practical reasons.

In some case, users have experienced a time out session when trying to upload a very big image file. We recommend making the photo smaller and then trying to upload again. Typical file sizes of high resolution photos are generally 5MB plus.

As a tip, set your digital camera to low resolution first and then take your photos.

2. Which graphic file formats are supported? uses the JPG image format throughout the entire site.

JPEG files are adequately compressed to speed up page load times and retain good detail when displayed on a screen.

Use this format for all listings and creating print advertisements.

3. Can I edit my photos before I upload them?

Yes you can.

4. How can I ensure that my photos will look their best?

Take some practice photos if you're unfamiliar with the camera.

Try to minimize any foreign eye catching backgrounds that can distract attention from what you are advertising.

Presentation is important. Take the time to clean and present your products as best you can. Achieving the right resolution images is in your best interest.

Your photos should only highlight what you're selling.

5. Can I add multiple photos?

For website ads multiple photos can be added.

Value ads can have up to 6 photos.

Premium ads can have up to 16 photos.

Ultimate ads can have up to 25 photos.

We recommend image sizes to be between 100 to 400 kb.

6. Why should I include a photo(s) with my Ad?

Presentation is everything.

Pictures say 1000 words.

7. Why are my photos automatically resized? resizes images to keep JPEG image file sizes consistent, to improve download speeds and to save on download costs for all users.

8. Do I have to worry about resizing my photos?

No. manages that for you.

9. How can I get a digital photo from a conventional photo (paper print)?

You require a scanner to do this. Scan the photo and save it as a JPEG.

For listings we recommend a file size of approximately 100 KB.

For print photos a resolution of 300 DPI is required.

10. What areas of my product should I photograph?

All you need to show is the condition of your product and factual information.

For a truck, as an example, buyers will recognize the make, model and application.

Follow these simple photo guidelines.

  • Photo of the truck side-on including the truck body, tray, tautliner, pantech or side shot of the prime mover etc.
  • Photo from the front three-quarter.
  • Photo from the rear three-quarter.
  • Photo of any other specialized equipment, example: tailgate loader, bullbar, alloy rims.

Remember to keep it simple.

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