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How do I Advertise my truck on (4 FAQs)

1. The first step to advertising on

First you need to register and create a account.

To do this you require an active email address and access to that email address to complete your registration process.

It's a simple step by step process and we provide notes all the way through.

You will receive an activation email (look for the email in your inbox and click on the link provided) and your account will be activated. Now you can login to your account and begin the process of creating your ads.

2. The second step to advertising on

Log in to your account (Seller dashboard) and look for the tab named [Create Ads], located in the dashboard header.

Click this tab [Create Ads] and you will be presented with a categories choice.

Choose the correct category in the drop down and then click the button [Enter Ad Details].

A form will appear with a series of drop down boxes and input fields, simply start at the top and work your way down to the button and click the button [Save and Proceed to Upload Images].

The preview page offers access to upload your images and review your ad.

Once satisfied with your ad, click the [finalise] button and then proceed to payment.

3. What size photos should I use?

The typical suggested file size is; 640 x 480 pixels witha typical file size of 75 kilobytes

High resolution images are not required and are in fact actively discouraged. They take more time to upload and will eventually be scaled down, anyway, for practical reasons.

In some case, users have experienced a time out session when trying to upload a very big image file. We recommend making the photo smaller and then trying to upload again. Typical file sizes of high resolution photos are generally 5MB plus.

As a tip, set your digital camera to low resolution first and then take your photos.

4. How long will my ad run for on

You have several choices to suite your budget. They are:

  1. Value ad, 12 week duration.
  2. Premium Ad, until sold.
  3. Ultimate Ad, until sold plus includes the 4 week featured option.

Optional extra: Featured option, make your ad stand out for a 4 week period.

Click here for more details on our advertising options.

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