Cimc Retractable Skeletal Trailer

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  • Retractable Skeletal Trailer: One of the newest models to the CIMC range of Skeletal Trailers is our Retractable Tag design. This unit has been engineered to operate in three loaded configurations so as to maintain legal axle weights. Our retractable design will carry 1 x 20'''' "heavy" container or 2 x 20'''' containers or 1 x 40'''' container.

    Units come with all the usual CIMC standard specifications and are fitted with 6mm wiring loams, Multi volt LED lights, reversing beepers and rear combos so you can be sure your trailer matches your prime mover now and in the future.
    In regards to safety features, all retractable units are fitted with a brake interlock system ensuring that the brakes will not release unless the locking pins are engaged after sliding the trailer into position. Further, visual identification of locking mechanism can also be confirmed with the use of automated safety flags.
  • n-o-n-e:
    Available in Tri-axle configuration unless otherwise specified;
    Side intrusion safety cables;
    K-Hitch/Watson & Chalin air suspension;
    Fuwa 285 PCD grease filled ten stud axles;
    10 stud steel wheels;
    Hankook 11R 22.5 Tyres;
    Single tyre carrier;
    Steel toolbox;
    Plastic guards with mud flaps front and rear;
    LED lighting;
    JOST King Pins;
    JOST A400 landing Legs;
    JOST Fixed turntables;
    Removable deck covers for access to suspension
  • Trailer Length: 9200mm - 12200mm
    T/lock Height: 1405mm
    Trailer Width: 2440mm
    King Pin Location: 1100mm
    Coupler Height: 1270mm
    Suspension Location: 5800 - 7900 - 8800mm
  • Main Frame: w/sliding suspension on heavy duty rollers & side guide nylon pads
    Skid Plate: 8mm w/50mm JOST bolt-on kingpin
    Side Intrusion: Safety PVC Coated Cables
    Retractable Failsafe Locking System: w/side warning flag (Pneumatically Operated)
    Lockable locking pins: control valve to ADR 43
    Twistlocks: 3-Way T/Locks: 1x20’, 2x20’ and 1x40’ w/folding pedestals
    T/Locks Beams: New Generation series
    Landing Gear: JOST – 2 speed w/rocker feet
    Brakes: S-Cam Air Brakes to ADR 38/03 - (420 x 178mm – 16.5”x 7”) HD Linings
    Front Bayonet male/female air couplings
    Electrical system: LED Multi-volt lighting to ADR 13
    Heavy Duty Wiring loom R/T rated
    7-Pin Socket at front – Reversing Beeper
    Waterproof wiring connectors
    Suspension & axles: As per customer requirements (Available options to suit your needs) Dump valve
    Wheels & tyres: STD 11R 22.5 (Available options to suit your needs)
    Mudguards: Plastic radius guards w/anti-spray rubber mudflaps & anti-sail brackets at Front & Rear of suspension group
    Accessories: Wind-up Spare Wheel Carrier
    Wheel Spanner/Tommy Bar Set
    Options: Fully fitted Road Train spec or provision only to ADR 63
    BD/RT signage
    Paint: One colour – 2 Pak Acran
  • * Subject to conditions: Refer to your authorised CIMC Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    Further details regarding the mass of options.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability.

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