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  • Model: Freighter EZILINER
    Features: No buckles
    No straps
    Semi-automatic system for vertically tensioning the curtains.
    Air operated rams and a high tensile cable running through a series of arcs in the bottom of the curtain create the vertical tension simply and reliably.
  • Length: 13520mm / 14630mm (44.4/48ft)
    Aperture Height: 2730mm (45mm less under pelmet)
    Aperture Length: 13220mm to 14330mm
    Skidplate Height: 1270mm
    Kingpin Location: 1220mm / 1550mm
    Suspension Location: 9500mm from kingpin
    Sliding Posts: 2 per side
    Curtains: With integrated high tensile cable
    Front Wall: Bevelled with full height white bow front
    Rear Doors: FRP panels & double lock rods. Antirack
    Roof / Pelmet: Aluminium / Black
    Bumper: Square
    Skidplate: 8mm with 50mm bolt-in kingpin
    Base Frame: 1040mm mainrail centres. 12mm top flange. 16mm bottom flange.
    Coaming: 100 x 45 R.S.J. (Raised 23mm)
    Toolbox: 1 standard. Kerbside.
    Tyre Carrier: 1 Standard. 2 Wheel.
    Tie Rails: 25mm NB Pipe both sides
    Coaming Pockets: To suit 6 gates & 2 sliding posts per side
    Landing Gear: Rocker Foot 2 speed Maxus
  • Suspension: Tri-axle air bag
    Wheels: 10 stud steel
    Mudguards: Extruded aluminium splashguards with sprayguard. Flaps fitted to rear of suspension group.
  • Brakes: 420 x 178mm (16.5ā€ x 7ā€) Sā€™ Cam to A.D.R. 38. PBR male and female couplings at front.
    Electrical: Voltage / Lamps Multi-volt to A.D.R. 13 / LED Multi-volt
    Paint: 1 Colour 2K Coamings, toolbox & hubs. Underside Silver
  • Gates: available in a range of sizes and materials
    Suspension systems: a range of premium brands is available to suit your specific requirements
    Alloy wheels: enhances the look of the trailer and decreases weight
    Bumper bar/rear infill panels: available in painted steel or fibreglass
    Mezzanine deck: doubles the available pallet space
    Digital Hubodometer: for accurate tracking of service intervals
    Load binders and winches: tested to meet or exceed all necessary regulations
    Water tank: polished aluminium
    Aluminium floor: provides significant weight reduction
    Load gauge: provides an estimate of the trailer load
    Raise/lower valve: adjusts to suit individual loading docks
    Chrome or stainless steel door hardware: for improved appearance
  • * Subject to conditions:
    Refer to your authorised Freighter Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    Further details regarding the mass of options.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability.

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