Cat CT610 C13 Aero Effects

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  • Cat: CT610 C13 Aero Effects
    Configuration: 6x4
    Engine: Cat C13 ACERT
    Transmission: Eaton Fuller RTLO-18918B 18-speed overdrive
    Front Axle: Meritor MFS-14-143 wide track RHD
    Rear Axle: Arvin Meritor RT-46-160
    GVM: 24.5 tonne
    GCM: Up to 57-tonnes
    Exterior Features: With its aerodynamic lines, refined hood and bold Cat® badge, the CT610 is sure to turn heads. But its real beauty lies in its features-designed by Caterpillar to deliver all the performance and rugged durability you demand.
    • Alloy cab construction reduces overall weight for maximum payloads.
    • Sloped hood increases visibility and decreases wind drag for improved fuel efficiency.
    • Lightweight bonnet enables driver to tilt and conduct daily checks.
    • Windshield provides unparalleled visibility for safer driver maneuvering.
    Interior Features: For decades, we''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''ve been designing machine cabs that combine comfort and functionality - and it shows in the CT610''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s spacious interior. Ergonomic controls reduce driver fatigue, while interior details enhance driver jobsite safety and productivity.
    • Ergonomically designed control panel gives drivers complete command and control.
    • Adjustable, air-suspended driver''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s seat delivers comfort all shift long.
    • Premium design and materials dramatically reduce vibration and provide top quality sound insulation.
    • Ergonomically designed interiors feature an optional tilt and telescoping steering wheels
  • Model: Cat C13 ACERT
    Type: 6-cylinder, in-line, turbocharged and aftercooled, electronic direct injection
    Cruise control with steering wheel controls. 100 kph roadspeed limited
    Rated at 470-hp @ 2100 RPM and 1650-ft/lb torque @ 1200 RPM 485 Peak HP
    Engine compression brake with 3-stage control
    High-capacity under-hood air cleaner with restriction indicator gauge
    Fuel priming pump
    Cooling System: Over-and-under system
    Charge air cooler: 460 in2
    Water radiator: 1055 in2
    Total package: 1515 in2
    Nylon fan with air-operated Horton DriveMaster fan drive
    Exhaust: Single catalytic muffl er, LHS frame mounted with shroud and vertical tail pipe
    Compression engine brake, 3-stage switching
    The Cat® C13 is the well-proven on-highway diesel engine built for versatility and payload-pulling profitability. Engineered with leading edge technology, the C13 delivers a solid combination of rugged reliability, durability, low operating costs and excellent fuel economy. No matter what the job or payload calls for, this truck provides all the power you need to get the job done.
    Reliability: Dealer Repair Frequency statistics show Caterpillar® heavy-duty engines offer outstanding reliability based on initial quality and customer surveys.
    Durability: Laboratory tests and engine disassembly analyses indicate Cat® C13 engines are expected to have a B50 life of one million kilometers with Cat''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s recommended maintenance.
    Fuel Economy: 2007 compliant Cat® C13 engines are engineered to offer the same fuel economy as EPA 2004 compliant engines.
    Total Owning/Operating Costs: 2007 compliant Cat engines are engineered to offer the same reliability, durability, fuel economy and similar maintenance costs as EPA 2004 compliant engines for outstanding overall value.
  • Type: Eaton Fuller EP1552 Easy Pedal two-plate ceramic with Kwik-Adjust feature
    Diameter: 394mm
    Light pedal, integrated air-assist clutch release system
  • Model: Eaton Fuller RTLO-18918B 18-speed overdrive
    Lube pump & oil-to-air transmission cooler
    Eaton Ultra Shift Plus Transmission (optional)
  • Model: Meritor MFS-14-143 wide track RHD
    Type: Forged steel I-beam
    Capacity: 6.5-tonne
  • Model: Arvin Meritor RT-46-160
    Capacity: 20.9 tonne
    Ratios: 4.1:1
    Cone-lock fixing on axle shafts
    Inter-differential power divider lock
    Differential cross-lock on rear/rear axle
    Electronic auto traction control standard
    Steel hubs
  • Type: Low maintenance
    Main shaft, SPL250X
    Interaxle shaft SPL1760XL
  • Type: 1480mm long parabolic springs
    Tuned shock absorbers
    Capacity: 6.5-tonne
  • Type: Hendrickson HAS-460 suspension to Australian specification with road friendly compliance
    1397mm axle spacing with 241mm ride height
    Suspension dump valve, control switch in instrument panel
    Capacity: 20.9 tonne
  • Type: ADR dual-circuit air system, S-cam
    Air compressor, Cat 15.7CFM capacity
    Size: front 419mm x 127mm with T24 chamber and Centrifuse brake drums
    Size: rear 419mm x 178mm with type 30/30 chambers
    Park brake: both rear axles, spring-actuated
    Haldex slack adjusters
    Air dryer, Bendix AD-IS
    Three manual drain valves with pull chains
    Dust shield on all axles
    Self-return trailer brake hand control on steering column
    Semi-trailer air connections at back of cab
    Hose tender slide bar, upper rear of cab
    Bendix 4-channel ABS with full vehicle wheel control system with automatic traction control
  • Type: Sheppard M100 power steering
    Gear-driven pump
    Adjustable tilt steering column
  • Wheels: Ten: bright fi nish alloy, 10-stud 285mm PCD, 8.25DC x 22.5
    Tyres: Dunlop 295/80R22.5 16-ply on front axle
    Dunlop 11R22.5 14-ply on rear axles
  • Tyoe: Polished aluminium 660mm diameter cylindrical tanks mounted both sides under cab.
    Dual pick-up and return.
    Alloy steps
    850-litres total capacity
    Fuel cooler, radiator mounted
    Fuel tank ties between tanks
  • Type: heat-treated steel, yield strength: 120,000 PSI, 760 MPa
    Frame rail dimensions: 260 x 92 x 9.5mm, section modulus 291cm3
    HD Intermediate cross member
    Huck bolted in critical areas to minimise maintenance
    Two aluminium deck plates behind cab
    Tapered end of frame with fi fth-wheel mounting angles
    Double front tow hooks
    Painted bumper with valance and FUPD
  • Type: 12-Volt, negative to earth
    Cat Batteries: 4 x 12V, 2840 CCA total
    Mounted on left-hand chassis rail
    Alternator: 12V, 160 amp, brush type, pad-mounted
    Starter: 105P with Soft Start
    Other: Two trailer sockets, 7-pin trailer lighting and an EEC socket for trailer ABS, at rear of cab
    Exterior light test system for pre-trip inspection
    Circuit breaker with manual reset
    Switches for provision of operating PTO, and rear work lamps
    Park brake warning horn if brake not applied and door opened
    Back up alarm, 102 dba
    Aero cab extenders with grab handles on both sides
    Roof fairing
    ECE-29 crash test compliant, day cab 2085mm wide, galvanised steel
    Base coat, clear coat paint
    Tilting SMC hood and removeable quarter fenders.
    Excellent engine access
    Bright polished stainless-steel grille surround
    Three-point cab mounting system with rear air suspension
    Driver seat - fully adjustable National high-back with air suspension, cloth trim and head rest
    Passenger seat - fully adjustable National high-back with air suspension, cloth trim and head rest
    Arm rest on both driver and passenger seats
    Seat belts, 3-point lap & shoulder type
    Full instrument panel with OBD display for diagnosis of fault codes in gauge cluster
    Stowage compartments in overhead console
    Premium trim with moulded interior, cloth inserts and additional sound insulation
    Premium floor mats
    Moulded access handles, electric windows
    Quarter vent windows, Rear window
    Internal sun visors, two moveable front-to-side primary visors
    Blend-air heater air-conditioner with fresh air fi lter
    Twin windscreen wipers/washers, 2-speed with intermittent action
    Mirrors with separate spotter mirrors on both sides
    Single air-horn, chassis mounted
    P.T.O. switch and loom
    Working-light loom in dash
    Outside temperature and compass in dash display
    Electronic speedometer and tachometer
    Gauges: engine oil pressure, voltmeter, engine oil temperature, air pressure, coolant temperature, fuel level, transmission temperature, rear axle temperatures
    Warning system: low air pressure, low fuel, low oil pressure, high engine coolant temp and low battery voltage (visual and audible)
    Refer to your authorised CAT Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    Further details regarding the mass of options.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability.

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